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Committed to Instilling Faith into All Congregants

At Trinity Episcopal Church, our staff consists of intellectual pastors and clerics that are committed to providing exceptional service to our growing community. They are the faces behind the daily upkeep of the Church, and the reason behind our ability to smoothly run our events and services. Contact us today and speak with one of our staff members!



Priest in Charge

Reverend David Ousley began serving as full-time Priest in Charge at Trinity in May 2019. In addition to providing members of the congregation with religious guidance, Father Dave is pledging his time and energy to direct the congregation in a plan for growth and stability. (To learn more about Father Ousley, please see our Clergy Page.)



Church Administrator

Leslie came to work at Trinity in August of 2016, after being hired as Pastoral Care Coordinator by Reverend Teri Monica. She was promoted to Parish Administrator in August, 2017. She is the weekday face of the church, conducting the daily business activities of the parish. She is assisted in her work by many volunteers.



Social Media Manager

As a young girl, Kathleen attended Trinity Church with her mother, Linda. She has fond memories of hearing her mother sing in the choir and of deepening her faith as she listened to Father Janke's and Father Sorensen's sermons. One of her favorite things to do was participate in Trinity's Children's Fairs during events in Plattsburgh, where she and her mom worked at the "Lollipop" and the "Go Fish" tables.

Kathleen graduated Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Plattsburgh. She manages the church's newsletter, website, and social media presence, and sometimes serves as church photographer. 
She and her husband, Todd, reside on Cumberland Head in Plattsburgh.




Beverly VanDenburgh was born in Johnson City, NY, and grew up in Binghamton, NY. 

She graduated from Binghamton General Hospital School of Nursing in 1965, and met her husband, David, two years later in Tennessee, while both were working for VISTA.

They were married in 1968, and spent one year in Germany while David served in the Army. They have two daughters and six grandchildren.

They moved to Plattsburgh in 1985, and Beverly graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1988.

She has worked in a variety of nursing areas over the years—public health, maternity, medical/surgical, intensive care, and medical case management. She retired from Sunmount Development Center.

Beverly has been attending Trinity for eight years.

mike bio pic.jpg



My introduction to Trinity Church came in 1958.  My father, Michael, was the rector until 1961.  After going down a long winding road I returned to Trinity with my wife and three children in the early 1990’s and have been here every since.
Trinity church has provided me with abundant opportunities to grow spiritually and personally.  I have served with many good people since returning.  It’s been a privilege to serve as warden, junior warden, treasurer and vestry member.  I am most happy to have been involved with the creation and continued operation of the Community Meal ministry we started in March 1992.
I am looking forward to continued service to the parish and the people we serve in the community.



Altar Guild Leader

It was Father Richard Janke who invited our Altar Guild Leader, Lynn Valenti, to join St. Mary's Altar Guild. She became an official member on October 28, 1984. She served as recorder for over ten years, and in October 2014, stepped in to her current role. Lynn says, "It is wonderful work to assist our priests in many ways."



Worship Leader

Bob Goetz is a lifelong Episcopalian who was baptized and confirmed at St. Luke's Church in Saranac Lake, where he served as an altar boy. He became a member of Trinity Church in 1997, and attends the Wednesday Healing Service as well as the 8 AM Sunday service. Bob received a calling from Reverend John Sorensen to assist at these services, and his duties quickly expanded to include that of Lay Eucharistic Minister. In addition to leading Wednesday worship services, he also offers Morning Prayer services in the event of the Reverend's absence. 

Bob served on the Church Vestry in 2002, 2008, and 2012. Presently, he is Clerk of the Vestry, serving since 2014. 



Community Meal Coordinator

Martha has attended Trinity Episcopal Church for over twenty years.  At this time her primary ministry is the Community Meal.  Martha likes to be active in the community and participate in many venues. 
She was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, and lived in a several states before coming to Plattsburgh.  She is retired from the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, Sunmount Office.  Martha has a son and daughter, but most often you'll hear stories about her grandson and his girls. 
She loves to garden, mainly growing flowers now, and she also enjoys sewing.  For the past two years, Martha has made shorts for little boys in the Dominican Republic, which are delivered during mission trips by Deacon Blair Biddle.
God has blessed Martha in many ways, and she hopes to continue to make use of her blessings in order to honor Him.




As sexton, Bruce sees to the day-to-day building operation, maintenance, cleaning, and security, at Trinity Church. He also oversees special projects, serving as liaison for technicians and tradespeople involved with the church property. Bruce is a talented painter, and has transformed the back of the church from drab, to bright and beautiful. He has excellent organizational skills, and tackles every job with skill and gusto.
Bruce and his wife, Amanda, live in Morrisonville, NY.

Lee Beshon

Community Meal Head Chef

The Community Meal's purpose is to boost well-being and provide people with nutritious, free-of-charge meals. We could never do this without someone to oversee the cooking and serving of the delicious food. With an appetite for serving the community, Lee is the perfect person for that role. He has an intersting story, and was featured in a local newspaper in an article about his journey. The article highlights Lee's hard work at both Holy Cross and Trinity Church. Lee's dedication can only be a recipe for success! To read the article please click the link below and then turn to page five:

Director of Music (TBA)

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