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Giving Back to Your Church

The vestry's responsibilities are many. In addition to taking care of the parish finances and the church building, they choose individuals to fill various positions of leadership and representation. Beyond this, the vestry is familiar with the laws of the church and state under which they operate, and works to follow proper procedures in keeping with those laws.
Trinity's vestry members strive to be good communicators, and are patient and fair. As of January 2022, Trinity's vestry members are: Martha Bachman, Bob Goetz, Mike Lynch, Linda Hall-Tripp, Ron Patric, and Dorothy Rodgers. 
If you have questions for the vestry, please contact Trinity's wardens: Mary Patric at 518-335-8632 or Beverly VanDenburgh at 518-832-1416.


Join Our Choir

The Trinity Episcopal Choir sings each week at the 10 am Sunday service, providing leadership in the hymns and service music, as well as performing an anthem each week.  In addition, the choir leads a Christmas caroling outing in December to local nursing homes and to members of the congregation who are unable to get to church.  For the past two years, the choir has also sponsored a Passover Seder before the Maundy Thursday service during Holy Week.  Anyone interested in joining should contact Ben Reavis by emailing the church office with "Attn: Ben Reavis" in the subject line.


St. Mary's Altar Guild

Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary and alter for worship. They are familiar with their clergy's "ideas, their fellow parishioners' feelings and attitudes, and their own resources of time, talent, and money. They also need to stay abreast of the constant changes in art, technology, society, and the economy, in respect to the ways all four affect altar equipment and church traditions." -from _The Altar Guild Book_. 
Recently, Lynn shared with us why it is called St. Mary's Altar Guild. "When Father John Sorensen (Trinity's priest from 1990-2006), visited our church in April, I posed the question to him. (I knew he'd done a lot of research on Trinity's history when he was our priest). He said that when John Henry Hopkins Jr. (1820-1891), was priest at Trinity from 1872-1876, he was "one of the leaders of the Anglo-Catholic Revival in the United States. The Trinity Church Altar Guild, which he formed, donated a kneeler in his memory." (Quoted from an article about John Henry Hopkins Jr. that appeared in the "Press Republican" on December 24, 1997). So it seems the St. Mary's Altar Guild dates back to our Catholic roots during Father John Henry Hopkins Jr.'s time at Trinity, and is named after Jesus' mother, Mary! It was fun to search for the answer behind a name, as in the process, one can learn more about one's history or in this case, more about our church's history. And, by the way, the kneeler mentioned above is the one currently used by our priests at Trinity!"
-from Lynn's Lines


Offering Pastoral Care

At Trinity Episcopal Church, we offer congregants who may not be able to attend worship services due to illness or injury, spiritual support and a chance to receive blessings and communion. Volunteers visit at least every other month to keep our faithful members informed of church activities, and to provide any assistance possible. Also, we join in celebrating the birthdays and special occasions of our seniors, as well the church holidays.
Another important aspect of our ministerial endeavors is to bring the gospel message to Clinton County Nursing Home on the second Thursday of each month. The twenty-five minute service includes the Eucharist for those wishing to partake, and hymns are included in the non-denominational service.
Bob Goetz, and Tina and Bruce Moore, along with Reverend Glenn Michaels and Reverend David Ousley, carry out the duties of St. Helen's Ministry. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Trinity's Worship Leader, Bob Goetz, at 518-534-2083.


Shaping Your Faith

Trinity's Bible Study was established in the mid-nineties with an aim to offer congregants the chance to develop a deeper understanding of God's word. At present, our group is led by Julius Archibald (and assisted by Bruce Moore), and numbers about fifteen persons. From September 2017 to June 2018, the group utilized workbooks by Leander E. Keck for their studies, and focused their attention on the first four books of the New Testament: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.  The group will reconvene in September, and they plan to briefly study the history of the church, and then turn their focus to the women of the Bible. 

Trinity's Bible Study is non-denominational, and all are welcome to join. They meet  Wednesdays 10-11.

If you have questions, please contact Bruce Moore at 518-563-4686.


Community Outreach

The Community Meal, held Thursdays from 3-5 at Trinity, is a wonderful service directly impacting the hunger needs of our area. Many of the people who come to the meal have attended for years. Before the pandemic, people came for food, but also socialization. While we are no longer hosting a sit-down meal, you can still see the smiling faces of our volunteers when you come for take-out, and we are always happy to hear how you are doing. People who have food insecurity may still use the take-out meals to stretch their food dollars. People with disabilities may also continue to take advantage of the offerings, as the meals can be brought right out to your car. 

You are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are told to feed the hungry, making this a mission to the community. Attendance varies to approximately 100 people per meal.  If you have never come, please plan to drop in soon; everyone is invited to a take-out meal.

If you wish to help, please contact our Community Meal Coordinator, Martha Bachman at 518-563-2304.


Serving at God's Altar

Our worship assistants act as greeters, ushers, readers, and altar servers. To become a worship assistant, please contact Father Dave at the church office (518-561-2244).

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